Farm Dressed Poultry

Beeappy Farm produces fresh poultry raised and dressed on the farm. We start the process with birds hatched on the farm or from NPIP hatcheries as a biosecurity measure. These birds eat a diet of Kalmbach nonmedicated  feed to match their protein needs at various stages of growth. While the provided diet is vegetarian, our birds will eat bugs, mice or just about anything. Weather permitting, the half-grown birds are sent out to forage on managed pasture and woodlot. The birds alternate between several paddocks during the growing season, safely behind woven and electric wire. It doesn’t stop hawks but slows down foxes, coyotes, dogs and raccoons. The fields are allowed to rest during the winter and early spring.

Beeappy birds don’t leave the farm but are processed here, according to the WV Department of Agriculture and USDA requirements. This reduces the stress on the birds and ensures the birds are not mistreated during the processing. A stunning knife renders the bird unconscious during the bleeding out.

Birds may be picked up fresh, the day after slaughter, or are available frozen throughout the year. Frozen birds are available at The Wild Ramp in Huntington, WV. We currently have heritage and double breasted turkeys, broilers, stewing birds and guineas available. Our favorite method of preparing birds this year has been the spatchcock bird.

Poults, Juveniles and Breeders

Beeappy Farm breeds and grows out heritage turkeys. Our current NPIP tested varieties are: Blue Slate, Lavender, Narragansett, Standard Bronze, Oregon Grey, Sweetgrass, Chocolate and Bourbon Red. Non tested birds include white Holland and Auburn, a sex link turkey. These birds are available at the farm as poults, juveniles or full grown birds. Our breeding birds are confined to ensure color, genetics and health. We source our dressed heritage turkeys from these birds.

Heritage Poults: $10.00

Juvenile Birds: (One week – 16 weeks) $25.00

Breeding Pairs (male & female): $75.00


Rhode Island chickens, red and white, are the principal egg layers here at Beeappy Farm. Our sex link, produced by crossing the Rhodes, is a golden red hen with excellent laying properties. The white roosters become our heritage fryers.

These hens lay a large brown egg with a golden yolk. They are fed a vegetarian layer diet. Both chicks and eggs may be picked up at the farm. Beeappy Eggs are sanitized and packaged under the WV Small Distributor Egg Law. We do reuse egg cartons to save on packaging costs and the environment.

Eggs: $3.00 dozen

Bees & Honey

Beeappy Farm has honeybees for pollination and honey production. Our strained honey is labeled Wildflower Honey. We never heat and filter the good stuff from our honey.

Basic beekeeping supplies are available at the farm store: wooden ware, wax, medication, food, feeders, smokers and clothing.


Beeappy Farm has naturally grown herbs, vegetables and berries. The soil is improved with farm produced compost instead of chemicals. 

Call, email, or visit to purchase Beeappy products. Or check out our selection at The Wild Ramp.